My Granola Brings All the Boys to the Yard.

And they’re like, it’s better than yours.
I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.


Nah, I’m just kidding. I won’t charge you for my awesome granola recipe.

I’ve been making my own granola for about as long as I’ve been cooking for myself. Cereal + milk is one of my most favorite comfort foods. It’s a meal or a snack or a midnight munchie. Unfortunately most cereal, even those posing as healthy, aren’t so great for us. They’re chock full of sugar, GMO corn and soy, and artificial colors and flavors, a few things I’d rather keep out of my body. (Unless of course it’s Halloween – then it all goes out the window for one night. Hello fun size pack of Skittles, blueberry Tootsie Pop and Reese’s peanut butter cup.)

I started making my own granola so I have could that satisfying bowl of sweet, milky, nutty, crunchy goodness at a moment’s notice. Since crafting my first batch, based off a recipe in Louisa Shafia’s “Lucid Food,” I’ve always just eyeballed my ingredients. Well, my pops recently “hired” me to make him big batches of granola to have at his office desk for healthy out-of-hand snacking. Score! Now it’s just a matter of slotting the time to churn out 4 pounds of granola every couple weeks. On behalf of this new “business agreement” I decided to finally measure my ingredients and write down the recipe. This helped me figure out cost as well as ensure a consistent product every time. And now, I get to share my “secret” method with you!


Ashleigh’s Granola


4.5 cups oats
3 to 4 cups nuts and seeds, depending how nutty or seedy you are
1/2 Tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp coarse salt

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup canola or olive (non-virgin) oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extraxt
1/2 cup maple syrup

coconut flakes
chia or sesame seeds
dried fruit
chocolate, etc.!



Preheat your oven to 275ºF.

Mix the dry ingredients (oats, nuts, spices, salt) together in a large bowl.

In a small sauce pan, combine the wet ingredients (oils, extracts, maple syrup) and stir together over low heat.  Continue heating just until coconut oil is completely melted.

Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients and stir well until all the oats are moistened.  If the some of the oats are still a little dry, add a bit more olive oil or maple syrup to the mixture.

Distribute the granola onto two parchment-lined baking sheets (with raised edges is best) and spread evenly.

Bake at 275ºF for 15 minutes, remove the pans and stir the granola well. Return granola to the oven, rotating the pan positions.

Bake another 15 minutes (30 min total so far).  Remove the pans and add about a tablespoon of olive or melted coconut oil to each of the pans of granola. Stir in chia or sesame seeds, shredded coconut or other non-meltable mix-ins.

Bake 5-10 minutes more depending on how the browning is coming along. (35-40 min total bake time)

Remove granola from oven and place on cooling racks until totally cool.  Mix in any chocolate, etc. at this point.

Store your beautiful homemade granola in an airtight container and enjoy for up to a month, if it lasts that long.


Ashleigh's Granola Label


4 thoughts on “My Granola Brings All the Boys to the Yard.

  1. I can attest to the delicousness of this recipe!! I can’t wait to try it myself! My mom always made granola growing up, but I always wanted those clusters like yours had 🙂 happy friday indeed!

    • Oh Ashleigh! Thanks for posting this. I have your recipe from last year with your “approximations”. I haven’t made the granola for a while now but with this, you have inspired me to get going! I love this stuff but do have some questions. What do you think is a good serving size and how many calories are in it? I always feel like I am eating way too much of it at a time….maybe because it is soooo good! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Margie-

    I used the Food Processor software at school to get a close estimate of the calories in my granola. I tend to go pretty nut-heavy on mine so I calculated the recipe with 2 cups almonds, 1 cup sunflower seeds, and 1 cup pumpkin seeds. If you went lighter on the nuts and had a higher ratio of oats to nuts, you would end up with a less calorie dense granola. A typical serving size for granola is a 1/2 cup. If you are sprinking it on yogurt or over oatmeal, you might only have 1/4 cup though. I posted the nutrition label above for 1/2 cup serving size. Hope this helps!


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