Hi, I’m Ashleigh.

Glad to be here.  Living the dream in Milwaukee, WI.

I love to cook, write, and eat. I think the world is a better place when we share our stuff and create collectively.  I think we’re all better off when we pay a little more attention to what we’re eating while we were eating it, when we eat and cook and shop for food a little more mindfully.

I’m fascinated with the science behind nutrition and have recently embarked on a journey to become a registered dietitian at Mount Mary College University. I believe in the power of achieving mind and body wellness through healthful food choices and exercise.  The body is an extraordinary machine with a profound ability to heal itself, especially when we give it the best fuel to run on.

I really like vegetables, a lot.  And granola, yoga, Kurt Vonnegut novels, Parmigiano-Reggiano, dancing (mostly badly), Indian and Thai curry, poetry, Belgian beer, farmer’s markets, and running long distances.  I want to live to be a sound-minded centenarian.  I’d like to meditate more, but I do my best to pay attention every day.

So that’s me.  Here, I’ll be sharing recipes, stories, photos and the occasional restaurant review.  From this small seed, I hope to branch slowly out of my kitchen into the world of wonderful blogs and food writers that I’ve been admiring for so long.

you can also find me here:



or send me a message here: ashleighMKE@gmail.com


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