Tomatoes and Marriage

The longer you wait to start back up on a project you’ve left unfinished, the more daunting it becomes.  So it had gone for this little space of mine, for nearly five months.  But I have excuses, please sir!  I was planning a wedding, getting married(!), going on a honeymoon, and starting a new degree at a new school all within that time period.  Whew!  While it actually would have been a great time to blog – I did write a lot, in my journal almost every night leading up to the wedding – I had neither the time nor the focus to post what I was cooking and eating this summer.  In this case it was a lot of scrambled eggs, tuna melts, CSA veggies, and spaghetti.  Easy, thoughtless stuff so I could focus on far weightier things like first dance songs (“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young), menu-planning, and writing my vows.

Here I am though, hooray.  I am married to my soulmate.  I feel more whole, stronger, ready for life to continue, not that it stopped, but it was consumed there for a while.

I’ve been reading blogs a plenty, new finds and old favorites, and being inspired, pushed and tugged by them back into my own.  My fellow classmates also inspire and uplift me.  They’re smart, creative, and as nutrition and food-obsessed as I am.  I’m at Mount Mary College studying to become a Registered Dietitian. I love to say that, and so far, I love the program.  More on that in the future.

For now I’ll post some photos of things I captured this summer with the intention of posting them here.  And perhaps later this week, I’ll share the soup I made today.  🙂  Cheers!

ImageTuna Salad with greens from our front porch garden

ImageOne of the best meals of our honeymoon: Manhattan Fish Platter from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, MI

ImageCSA Tomatoes, about to be slow-roasted

ImageSummer, preserved in the taste of a just-picked tomato


And since it’s been so long since I’ve shared anything on here at all, the poem I wrote for my husband on our wedding day:

Wedding Season

Whatever souls are made of – his and mine are the same.

     – Emily Bronte

Beneath the blue

I see: graceful fleets

of possibilities

& memories

migrating towards and away.

this is where we stand:

steeped in love

& floating in bathwater air,

wading through summer’s

density – living thick and biding

our blessed time.

To flourish: exist in abundance

Measuring out days

in watering cans full &

weeks in boxes

of heirloom tomatoes,

Japanese eggplant,

& rainbow chard,

months passing as quickly

as moon phases –

so let’s take a stroll, interlace

your basil scented fingers with mine

and when we kiss,

we’ll feel our creamy avocado souls